January 13th, 2005


Went hot springing yesterday with scrungew00t down in Wulai (烏來), a small town up in the mountains south of Taipei. We took the subway to Xindian (新店) and then took the Xindian-Wulai bus up to Wulai itself. Wandered around eating giant meatball soup, my favorite wild boar kebabs, and tiny river shrimp. My wife wanted *30* boiled eggs from a famous place there so I had to carry around 3 bowls full the rest of the time. After eating we went down one town to Yanti to the hot springs at Spring Park Hotel (春秋烏來). It's a pretty expensive hot spring, but my wife had two certificates, so it was free for us. :) After lazing around we took the bus back to Gongguan (公館) and caught another bus over to Alleycats but they were closed already by that time (after 10pm already!). We had Vietnamese food around the corner instead, then went home.

It has been raining or drizzling since last night, so weather today is pretty gloomy. :(

Um, whatever.

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