March 6th, 2005

Done with classes

Thursday and Friday were warm enough to even dispense with my heavy winter jacket I had brought.

Thursday again was classroom in the morning and lab in the afternoon. I was feeling a bit more confident so was trying out more things in the lab session, despite a couple of equipment problems. I was quite pleased being able to make some pretty good stuff despite being a lot more inexperienced than some of the others in the class. Over in nearby Salina, Steve Fossett made history after finishing his solo non-stop around the world flight.

Friday morning we finished up are classroom work and had our final exam, which I got 97.5% on. Yay. Now I have a fancy certificate and everything. Class ended just before noon and I headed back to KCIA for my flight home. My DENSFO flight was delayed almost 90 minutes because of a hydraulic leak, but we only ended up getting in a bit more than an hour late. Still, that meant getting back home just past 9:30pm, so pretty long day.