March 25th, 2005

You do what ya gotta do

Feeling much better than yesterday, but still hacking up a lung and my nose is running even after taking oxymetazoline spray which usually dries things right out for me. Tomorrow we're going down to Tainan for Tomb Sweeping Day and come back on Sunday. We're gonna take the bus down tomorrow and for some reason return by plane on Sunday. Actually Tomb Sweeping Day is not for more than a week, but we usually go early to avoid the crowds. I'm not looking forward to going with a bad cold, but unless I can't get out of bed like yesterday, I'll have to slog through. Also looks like we won't be going through Kaohsiung this year, so no Fried Fish Soup from Liuhe Night Market. :( I'll have to try to get us to go to the one in Tainan, but my favorite is the one from Kaohsiung.


Since I kept her awake half the night coughing up a lung, my wife pronounced me unfit to travel, so I'm staying home instead for two days of blessed quiet.