July 3rd, 2005

Valerie Plame

A couple of years back, it was revealed in press reports that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent. This was reportedly leaked by a top White House official, and was presumably in retaliation for Plame's husband publishing an editorial debunking the reports that Iraq was buying uranium in Africa.

The identity of CIA agents is carefully kept secret, to protect not only themselves but also the sources that they may be in contact with. Revealing the identity of a CIA agent means that not only is their career finished, but that anyone they may have had contact with in tyrannical overseas countries is jeopardized. Those people may even be executed. It is therefore strictly illegal to reveal their identities, and it is considered treason to do so. The penalty for treason includes capital punishment. This is serious business!

Despite this, the CIA outing has not been given a lot of media attention. The most recent coverage has focused on the Supreme Court decision that reporters can be held for contempt for not revealing sources in this case. Now that they are actually facing jail time, rumors have been swirling whether or not they will hand over their notes.

Earlier on Saturday the dam finally broke, and now multiple reports are pointing at presidential adviser Karl Rove as the source of the leak. Already the spin has begun with Rove's lawyer denying the claims. It's interesting to note that he needs his lawyer to do the denying. And exactly how likely is it that someone as connected as Rove will actually face treason charges, especially when this story is still getting mediocre press coverage? This should be the headline in Sunday's papers, but I'm skeptical it will be.

Note to Democrats: This is the time to stop being disorganized pansies. Get out there in front of the press day after day repeating over and over again that this is treason and that Rove needs to be investigated and charged. The Republicans got Clinton to face impeachment over a blowjob for one reason: They were out there in front of the press repeating the story endlessly. Everyone had the same message. They did not stop repeating the message until they got results. Easy formula, but you guys have spent the last 4+ years gazing at your navels instead of doing anything in any coordinated fashion. Get out there and pound this message home.

If not, this issue will die, with the culprit getting off with no penalty.