July 6th, 2005

Equifax Problem Solved

My recent Equifax problems have now been resolved. Writing to the customer service email address from an old email actually got a response. The response wasn't terribly useful; basically they said (paraphrased) "We're not going to say anything helpful on insecure email, but you can call us at the number below for help." Before I called them, I pulled up their website and made one more attempt to log in. And wonders of wonders, my old username and password worked just fine this time, and my free credit report was sitting right there waiting for me to click on it. So either they unwedged my account, or they had database problems over the holidays.

For reference, here's how to contact Equifax consumer products customer service:

Email: Customer.Care@equifax.com
Phone: 1-866-640-CARE (1-866-640-2273) Monday through Friday 8am - 3am EST