July 12th, 2005

On Media Bias

The standard cliche about the 'liberal media elite bias' has justly been turned on its head in The Indisputable Media Bias by Cenk Uygur who examines the difference in coverage of scandals in the Bush and Clinton eras. I've already alluded to that in my rants about the Karl Rove scandal, so it's nice to see a more complete analysis of the subject. However, I also give a big portion of the blame to Democrats who can't seem to come together on any coherent, consistent message about practically anything when getting in front of the press. By contrast, Republicans are quite good at distributing focused talking points, and hammering on them in unison every time they get in front of the press. You can sometimes even hear the same key phrases uttered nearly verbatim by multiple people. The Democrats don't seem to have quite the same level of organization as this, to their detriment.