August 16th, 2005

The problem of politically correct terminology

Usage of politically correct terminology sometimes results in situations where the usage is factually incorrect. One example is included in a poster celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. This poster lists the 51 nations who were signatories of the June 26, 1945 founding of the UN. This poster lists the People's Republic of China as one of the signatories.

There's one small problem with that: the People's Republic of China didn't exist in 1945. The signatory was actually the Republic of China. But the UN can't put down Republic of China because the PRC would have a fit. So they have to put down the PRC as a founder, even though it's wrong.

Ooh La La

Today I got my long awaited parcel from HMV UK containing the new Goldfrapp singles. Goldfrapp has been one of my favorite groups since shortly after rosminah introduced me to their work. My wife asked me what kind of music they are and I honestly have no idea. It's a bit like trip hop electronica, but that's still not quite it.

Anyways, according to my profile (formerly audioscrobbler), Goldfrapp is my second favorite band, and I'm the 6th biggest Goldfrapp fan on the site. So I guess that's a pretty good indication of how much I listen to them.

Goldfrapp is composed of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. I'd actually first heard Alison Goldfrapp on Tricky's debut album Maxinquaye which I rank as one of the best albums every made. She sang with Tricky on the track "Pumpkin" on that album. She also sang with the obscure group Add N to (X) before hooking up with Will Gregory to form their own group. They've released two albums so farm, Felt Mountain and Black Cherry, and I think they are both brilliant.

Their third album, Supernature is out on 8/24, and they've so far released two CD singles and one DVD single in the UK of the song "Ooh La La." And that's what came in the mail today. The first single has the single version and a b-side. The second single has three remixes, and the DVD has the music video, a behind-the-scenes video and an audio-only remix of Ooh La La.

Maybe it's a bit obsessive to get all three of these, but after listening/watching them, I can't say that any one of them is not worth it. The b-side on the first CD is great, the second single contains some pretty good remixes, and the video on the DVD is not to be missed, nor is the Andy Bell/Manhattan Clique remix on it. I think the only disappointing thing is that while the video is widescreen, it's encoded in 4:3 format, which means lower resolution than if they'd encoded at 16:9.

If you're not quite so obsessed, you might just wait for the regular CD release later in the month. For now you can click through to their website and preview the album. Myself, I have the special limited edition album/dvd set already on order.