October 11th, 2005

Losing weight

Since June I've been making an actual effort at losing weight, and it seems to be working. Mostly I've been trying to walk more places instead of taking the bus or subway, and also reducing snacks and sodas. Otherwise I haven't modified my diet much; no counting calories or fat content or anything like that. I also got a treadmill in August because Taipei weather is often not very conducive to walking. (Too damn hot in the summer, damp and drizzly in the winter.)

I started in June at 106kg (for those of you using archaic measuring systems, multiply by 2.2). Before our US trip I was down to 102.2kg. I'd lost enough weight that two strange things happened that I hadn't experienced before: 1) my belt became too big 2) I could fit into my old jeans that are a size smaller than my current ones without them being tight. I was worried that I'd lose ground on vacation, but I'm down to 100.8kg now, so I guess there was enough activity on the vacation to keep things on track.

I don't really have a goal as such right now, but I figure if I can make it down to 90kg that'll be pretty good progress. My goal is to do the equivalent of about 3km of walking per day, either on the treadmill or through actual walking. For actual walking the Google Maps Pedometer lets me trace my route on a map to see how long it is.